LUTs For Panasonic Lumix S5 II: Free Download

LUTs For Panasonic Lumix S5 II: Free Download

Hi, I’m Salik, the author of With over a decade of experience as a filmmaker, I’ve had the privilege of watching and participating in the evolution of the cinematic world. Additionally, as a certified DaVinci Resolve Trainer, I’ve harnessed the power of one of the industry’s leading software to bring stories to life in many of my projects.

Today, I’m thrilled to offer a special gift to my fellow filmmakers: LUTs For Panasonic Lumix S5 II for Free Download.

But before we dive into these resources, let’s discuss: What exactly are LUTs? And why are they so fundamental in post-production?

LUTs are essentially a mathematical formula that modifies the colors in an image, helping to map one color space to another. Think of them as Instagram filters for filmmakers, but with far more precision and flexibility. With a single click, you can transform your footage from flat and lifeless to vibrant and cinematic. They provide a consistent and quick starting point for color grading, allowing filmmakers to achieve a desired look that can be based on a visual reference or a specific creative vision.

Given the incredible technological advancements in the world of digital filmmaking, LUTs play an even more significant role. They bridge the gap between what our camera captures and what our eyes visualize on the big screen. Especially when shooting in color space– like the Panasonic V-Log for the Panasonic Lumix S5 II – which capture a flat, desaturated image to retain more dynamic range, LUTs help transform this footage into visually appealing scenes.

Throughout my filmmaking journey, LUTs have been indispensable. They’ve allowed me to achieve specific moods, emulate the look of film stocks, or even match footages from different cameras. As we delve further into this article, I’ll be sharing some of my custom-made, stress-tested LUTs which have been designed with precision to mirror the looks of iconic film stocks. 

Unveiling Our Exclusive Film Stock LUTs for Panasonic Lumix S5 II

Diving deeper into the realm of color grading, it’s essential to recognize the rich history of film stock. Film stock has been a cinematic staple, giving movies their unique aesthetic, mood, and texture. As digital filmmaking has taken the reins in recent times, there’s a certain nostalgia and a set of unique characteristics that filmmakers still want to achieve, reminiscent of those classic film stocks.

That’s where our meticulously crafted LUTs come into play.

In my years of filmmaking and color grading, I’ve come to understand the intricate nuances of various film stocks. From their grain structure to their color rendition, each film stock tells a different story. With the advent of digital cameras like the Panasonic Lumix S5 II, filmmakers have sought ways to infuse their digital footage with the timeless look of these classic films. And that’s precisely what our LUTs aim to deliver.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s on offer:

  • Fuji Eterna Series: Known for its exceptional sharpness, image quality, and a dramatic palette, this series has been a favorite in movies like ‘Black Swan’ and ‘The King’s Speech’.
  • Kodak Vision3 Series: A testament to flexibility and versatility, this film stock offers a fine grain structure, broad dynamic range, and is known for films like ‘La La Land’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.
  • Kodak Ektachrome: Once a standard for filmmakers, it’s characterized by vibrant colors and a distinctive aesthetic, evident in movies like ‘Argo’ and ‘X-Men’.

Navigating the Technicalities: From Panasonic V-Log to Rec.709

The LUTs I’m offering have been crafted explicitly for those shooting on the Panasonic Lumix S5 II in Panasonic V-Log color space. They act as a bridge, swiftly converting your log footage into the standard Rec.709 color space, while also imbuing the characteristics of renowned film stocks. This dual function ensures not only a technically sound grade but also a stylistically pleasing one, reminiscent of iconic films.

Since all of our free LUTs are ‘.CUBE’ files, they can be used with numerous NLEs and colour grading applications. Once installed, you may use Premiere Pro CC, FCPX, After Effects CC, and DaVinci Resolve.

Deep Dive into the Film Stock LUTs: Characteristics and Signature Looks

Understanding the distinct characteristics of each film stock LUT not only aids filmmakers in choosing the right look for their project but also gives them insights into the historical relevance of each film stock. Here, we’ll break down the key features of the provided LUTs and highlight movies that have used them, helping you envision the impact these film stocks can bring to your footage.

Fuji Eterna Series

  • Vivid 160 (8543)
    • Characteristics: Known for its exceptional sharpness and brilliant image quality, making it perfect for both studio and daylight settings.
    • Signature Movies: Faster, The King’s Speech, Black Swan.
  • 8553 250
    • Characteristics: Offers warm colors and smooth gradation, ideal for capturing natural facial tones.
    • Signature Movies: The Raven, The Fighter.
  • 8583 400
    • Characteristics: Distinguished by its remarkable shadow quality, offering fine grain and attractive natural skin tones.
    • Signature Movies: Awakening, Valkyrie, Into the Wild.

Fuji Reala 8592 500

  • Characteristics: The world’s only 500-speed daylight-balanced film. Features Fujifilm’s patented 4th color layer technology, which can eliminate “green spike” under certain lighting conditions.
  • Signature Movies: Slumdog Millionaire, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Kodak Vision3 Series

  • 250D 5207/7207
    • Characteristics: A medium-speed film with fine grain structure, broad dynamic range, and vibrant skin tones. Also reduces grain appearance in shadows.
    • Signature Movies: Seberg, La La Land, The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • 200T 5213/7213
    • Characteristics: Offers the grain of a 100-speed film with the flexibility of a 200-speed index. Exceptional in varied lighting conditions.
    • Signature Movies: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Django Unchained, The Bourne Legacy.
  • 500T 5219
    • Characteristics: High-speed film known for its broad dynamic range and fine grain structure. Delivers clarity, especially in shadow areas.
    • Signature Movies: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Iron Man 2, John Carter.

Kodak Ektachrome 100D 7294

  • Characteristics: Carrying forward the legacy of KODAK EKTACHROME, it’s recognized for its beautiful grain and vibrant colors.
  • Signature Movies: Man on Fire, Argo, X-Men.

A Filmmaker’s Gift to You: Elevate Your Visuals with My Curated LUTs

Over my decade-long journey in filmmaking, I’ve come to appreciate the nuanced beauty that color grading can bring to a project. It’s an art and science, and LUTs are one of the tools that have helped me consistently achieve cinematic excellence. These LUTs I’m sharing with you today are a culmination of my experience, crafted and refined over countless projects.

I chose these film stock LUTs not just for their aesthetic appeal, but because they resonate with the kind of stories I love to tell – ones that evoke emotion, nostalgia, and depth. From the richness of Kodak Vision3 to the distinct palette of Fuji Eterna, each LUT has a story to tell, and I invite you to explore their narratives in your projects.

Using these LUTs: Remember, while these LUTs provide a fantastic starting point, your unique touch as a filmmaker will make all the difference. Don’t hesitate to tweak, modify, and blend to match your vision. And always trust your instincts – they’ve served me well throughout my career.

Ready to Add Some Cinematic Magic to Your Footage? Grab Your LUTs Below!

I’m thrilled to share this piece of my filmmaking toolkit with you. Click on the link below to download and immerse your visuals in the world of cinematic color grading.

Download Salik’s Curated LUTs for Panasonic Lumix S5 II

Wishing you inspiration and endless creativity. Here’s to telling stories that move, inspire, and leave a mark.

Salik Waquas is a seasoned professional in the world of cinema, bringing over a decade of experience as a cinematographer and colorist. With an eye for capturing the perfect shot and a passion for enhancing the visual storytelling of films, he has made a significant mark in the industry. Aside from mastering the art of cinematography and color grading, Salik also enjoys sharing insights and knowledge through the written word. As a dedicated blogger in the film industry, His articles cover a wide range of film-related topics, offering readers a unique perspective and valuable insights into the world of cinema.